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As leading land surveyors in Sydney, our team of licensed surveyors provide quality surveying solutions which highlight the unique elements of your build-site; this understanding allows you to set a solid foundation on which to build your development.

Our team of licensed surveyors and field technicians support each other throughout the survey life cycle whether it be a cadastral survey or a detailed contour survey.


We pride ourselves on being one of the best surveyors in western Sydney as well as one the best surveyors in NSW as we ensure best practice implementation through industry-leading technical innovations, system-driven automation efficiencies, and a commitment to our three fundamentals: competence, communication and consistency.

Contour & Detail Survey

A detail and contour survey is prepared for design and estimation of costs for a Council DA/CDC application, Architect or Engineer. A detailed contour survey shows features within and the surrounds of a parcel of land. Requirements for a contour survey vary depending on individual projects but may include structures, driveways/concrete, vegetation, natural surface levels and other features like watercourses, banks, retaining walls, rock, services, and contours.

How our team of licensed surveyors and commercial surveyors in Sydney will work with you:

  • We’ll obtain search from NSW Land Registry Services & disclose any easements, restrictions or other encumbrances on your title.
  • We’ll survey and obtain levels of existing residences on subject lots, including finished floor levels (to Australian Height Datum or an Assumed datum).
  • We can survey and obtain levels of floor levels, eave and ridge heights, windows and doors of neighbouring residences for design, shadowing or privacy concerns.
  • We can show approximate positions of underground services using Dial Before you Dig.
  • You’ll get a digital copy in both AutoCAD dwg and PDF formats.
  • Our field surveyor will highlight areas of interest on site related to your property in our Site Assessment Report.

We can work with you on projects such as:

  • Knock-down re-build.
  • New Residence on a vacant lot.
  • Extensions and renovations.
  • Contour & Details for Civil Engineering Projects
  • Landscaping.
  • Childcare centre surveys.
  • Reserves

Reduce hassle and headaches

  • The absence of a quality detail and contour survey of a site that was performed by licensed surveyors of a reputable survey firm can result in thousands spent on compliance in re-designs.

From granny flats to large-scale projects, our team of Sydney land surveyors and commercial surveyors have the experience and skill to ensure your site gets surveyed properly, potentially saving you thousands of dollars as well as providing you with total peace of mind.

Construction and Subdivision Survey

Building setout: Marks are placed at offsets to the proposed building to ensure correct size and placement. With the early supply of building plans, the site can be thoroughly checked for any problems; this allows for any problems to be resolved without affecting the start of the land subdivision or land development and subdivision. After the foundations are poured pins may be placed to further control the wall construction.


Formwork ident: Prior to the foundations being poured the formwork is checked for correct level and siting on the land. Additionally, a comprehensive position report can be provided showing the accuracy of all the external corners of the slab to ensure the frame will fit and result in a neat juncture of the slab and brickwork. In the case of major errors, delays and extra costs can be eliminated by the builder rectifying the form work prior to the pour.


Final ident: Showing the position of the new building on the land and optionally floor levels and ridge if required.


We can take care of the following projects for you:

  • Land subdivision
  • Strata
  • Community
  • Easements
  • Boundary redefinition
  • Consolidation
  • Work as executed drawings

To speed up your land subdivision or land development and subdivision project we’ll:

  • Prepare subdivision plan and draft 88B
  • Prepare proposed subdivision plan for DA application
    (if required)
  • Advise town planners to help with subdivision
    (if required)
  • Advise on process to registration
  • Provide electronic lodgement of plans

Our Surveying services include:


Detailed plans and high-quality documentation

Liaison, management and deliberation with clients, Council and approving authorities as required

Inspections, analysis, and reporting

Experienced use of software for storm-water modelling to produce accurate advice and reports on your development design

Fast turnaround on jobs

Our Survey services at a glance:

Pre-construction DA/CDC Approval:

  • Contour & Detail Survey (Boundary Identification If required)
  • Underground Service Location
  • Preliminary Plan of Subdivision
  • Preliminary Strata Plan
  • Pre-allocated Plan number

Construction Phase:

  • Peg-out Survey
  • Formwork identification Survey
  • Boundary/Fence Peg-out Survey
    Nails in Footings/Slab for Brickwork

Occupation Certificate:

  • Final Identification Survey
  • Work as Executed Survey

Subdivision, Strata, Consolidation:

  • Plan of Subdivision
  • Section 88B
  • Easement Plans and/or Transfers
  • Section 88E

Other Services:

  • Boma Surveys

40+ years of experience for a wide range of clients

Our unique one-stop-shop solution for engineering designs and professional land surveying services in Sydney has been the preferred choice in over 40,000 residential developments because of the simplicity of the service and quickness of turnaround that is appreciated in an increasingly competitive and time-sensitive marketplace.

Your one-stop solution for excellence and innovation

For the past 40+ years, we have been providing professional engineering and surveying services, which include works such as detailed contour surveys, for residential, commercial, industrial and government clients.


Our proven track record has earned us a reputation for excellence and enabled us to complete over 40,000 projects, ranging from family homes and residential apartments to large-scale commercial, industrial and public sector developments.

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