Flood Analysis

We can offer you both two-dimensional and one-dimensional type analyses and liaison with the relevant state and local government authorities. You will get detailed analysis for flood-affected sites to assist you with planning, and design and risk management to meet your objectives and requirements.

Over the past 44 years while working with homeowners, builders, and private stakeholders we’ve developed an accelerated system for fast council approvals. So, if your project is within the Sydney and the Regional areas of NSW, give us a call today!

Our fast and comprehensive reports are suitable for all types of flooding including mainstream flood, overland flow, and flood prone land. Flood reports are typically required with any Development Application, and when advised by the local Council.

What is flooding and are you affected?

Flooding occurs when the water rises above the natural level of rivers and streams, inundating dry and especially low-lying land. Even though that may be rare for your site, you may still need to obtain a flood study report.

In your flood study report, we will perform a comprehensive technical investigation to identify potential risks (e.g., the extent, distribution, and velocity of floodwaters) that may affect your site.

These crucial steps will inform what other precautions need to be taken and whether you’ve taken the right precautions. We will also check the Probable Maximum Flood against the history of your site over the past 100 years.

What is the 1% Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) Flood?

What are the chances of a flood occurring once every 100 years in your development area? This takes some careful planning and investigation, and it’s something that our skilled and experienced engineers can find out.

Of course, if your area gets flooded once every century it would be wrong to assume that if the area were flooded in the past five years you should be okay for the next 95 years. Natural phenomena are not that simple!

Unfortunately, nature can be a little less predictable, but fortunately, our engineers depended on complex calculations to reach an informed decision.

Remember, all floods are different, and that’s why we will consider the probable maximum flood.

What is the Probable Maximum Flood?

The Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) is the largest flood that may occur for your site. While those floods are very rare they do happen. Take for example the Wollongong flood (August 1998) and the Dungog flood (April 2015), which shows that even in Australia floods can approach the magnitude of a PMF.

Our engineers will plan for that eventuality. This is something they must do–by law! They will investigate and analyse your site for mainstream flooding (when a river breaks its barriers), flash flooding (sudden flooding due to, for example, torrential rain), and floodplain (gradual flooding of land).   

If your land is affected by the probable maximum flood risk, it is most likely flood-prone land. Our flood analysis and study report will define the flooding risk taking all the above points into consideration. That information is crucial in flooding management. 

Our engineers will take precise information including the calculation of height, extent and potential risk to the life within the context of any possible climate change and change in sea level behaviour.

If this level of detail overwhelms you don’t worry, we’ve been doing it for over 44 years dealing with flood reports of all shapes and sizes so to speak.

We also use specialised software including HEC-RAS, XP Storm (2D Modelling), TUFLOW (2D Modelling), DRAINS, and Civil 3D leaving nothing to chance.

Our team will help you work with your local Council to get your Floodplain Risk Management Plans completed quickly and with the least amount of hassle. Our capable team of skilled professionals will get this necessary part of your development project completed for you.

Even if your land has stormwater drainage and pipes flooding can still affect your property, so you need a flooding report and analysis if you’re looking to develop or redevelop your land.

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