Our experienced registered surveyors and field technician support each project throughout the survey life cycle.

We pride ourselves on best practice implementation through industry-leading technical innovations, system-driven automation efficiencies, and a commitment to our three fundamentals: competence, communication, and consistency.

Structural Engineering

Our Structural Engineering services include the following but not limited to:
Preliminary site inspections determining soils classifications via Bore Holes to AS2870:2011 – Residential Slabs and Footings – Construction and wind classifications to AS4055:2021 – Wind Loads for Housing and AS1170.2:2021 – Structural Design Actions (Wind Actions).

Civil / Stormwater Engineering

Our civil engineering services include stormwater design, site investigations and certifications, flood analysis reports and civil design (roads, earthworks, pavement).

Flood Analysis

We can offer you both two-dimensional and one-dimensional type analyses and liaison with the relevant state and local government authorities. You will get detailed analysis for flood-affected sites to assist you with planning, and design and risk management to meet your objectives and requirements.

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